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Equine Assisted Training

Working with horses


The challenge we face

The world we live in is challenging.  We have never been so connected—and yet we are, in many ways, more separated from each other than ever.


So many channels: television, podcasts, email, chat, social media.  The constant noise is overwhelming.  But the communication is superficial—so fleeting, so contrived that it washes over us.  It lacks empathy and ultimately leaves us isolated, disengaged, misunderstood, and frustrated. Personal, social, and professional relationships suffer.  Businesses suffer.

Recent studies suggest that as much as 95% of all communication is now digital—at the expense of true human person-to-person interaction.  If only 5% of our interaction is going to be in person, then we need to make sure it is good.

Learning from the perfect team
If you want to know what kind of leader you are then you should talk to a horse

What can we learn from horses?

Horses communicate on a totally different level—a level that we as humans have arguably forgotten and lost. And when we work with horses—when we understand them, connect with them, and earn their trust—we can lead them.  They can teach us about ourselves in a way that is truly inspirational. 


Horses will respond to you in the moment.  Their feedback is immediate and they communicate with you as you really are—not as you think you are, or as you say you are.  They provide the clearest, the most honest, and the most non-judgemental feedback you will ever get.

When you are stand face-to-face with a 500kg horse there is no place to hide.  There is no app, no technology, and no organisational document that can help you. The horse will look to you for genuine leadership, and if you can give it—if you can convey clarity of purpose, demonstrate 100% commitment, and total engagement—then they will follow you.


And when a horse says, 'Yes, I will follow you', there is no greater acknowledgement of your leadership.


Everything we can learn from a horse translates perfectly into our day to day lives.  Lessons are taken back to the office, the shop floor, the home.

How does it work?

Equine Assisted Training transports you into a totally natural environment—far from the noises and distractions of your everyday life—where you can spend time together with the small herd of horses who live out on the land in our quinta, O Vale Dos Cavalos. 


While you are here, you can experience the magic that the horses can bring to learning about yourself and how you interact with those around you.

No prior experience with horses is necessary.  Equine Assisted Training is not about horsemanship or learning to ride; in fact most the exercises we do, do not involve even getting on a horse.  It is about being with the horses—in the moment and part of the herd—and working with them and learning from them.

The exercises we will show you are deceptively simple yet proven and effective.  Through them, you will can:

learn how to become a better communicator—gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and how you interact with other

discover your natural leadership style—and  learn how to use it to the most effect to inspire those around you

see how you can lead without managing—and so empower those in the team

see the power of developing empathy—and how it improves our interaction with others around us

develop new insights and understanding of team dynamics—and how teams can work together better to deliver better

learn how to engender trust and respect with other people—and how it use it to build effective and motivated teams

Our one or two day Equine Assisted Training courses will give you immediate, positive, and long lasting benefits.  Benefits that will help you to lead and to be a part of high-performing self-organizing teams.

Our courses are inspiring—come and be inspired!



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"Having worked for many international businesses we found this training very enlightening & thought provoking. Horses demand trust & you have to gain this before they will engage with you. Sarah showed many parallels with the world of business and would be so valuable to any business looking to develop team relationships and leadership skills. She makes it fun and rewarding. The venue is beautiful, quiet, calm, allowing delegates to escape their everyday pressures and learn new life skills. Our visit to EAT was very worthwhile."

— Nigel Varney and Denise Hope —

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