Horses have been part of human history for over 6,000 years. They are powerful, curious, vulnerable, graceful, forgiving and brave. When you are with a horse, you must be 100% present, aware and authentic in everything you do.


The horse will look to you for honesty, leadership and clear communication - they are trusting you with their safety. A horse does not judge you; instead they look beyond your outer shell to the person you really are. 

No other experience can come close. The lessons learnt from a day with our horses will stay with you forever. 

Equine Assisted Training

The Benefits

Our team of horses will help you to understand the importance of body language and how what you do - rather than what you say - impacts on every aspect of your life.   You will gain valuable feedback on your style of communication and how you can make subtle but effective changes to achieve your professional and personal goals.

Team Building

It's all about the team!

“A group of people with different skills and. different tasks, who work together on a. common project, service, or goal, with a. meshing of functions and mutual support.”


Teamwork is vital to the success of every project worked on by more than one person but so often misunderstandings or differing agendas cause conflict, delays and in a worst case situation, the failure of the project.

Equine Assisted Training brings teams together in a safe environment to better understand the communication style of the team members, how they are perceived by others and how they see themselves. By the end of the training course the team will see the following benefits.

  • Greater understanding of themselves and their colleagues

  • Clear and effective communication within the team

  • Realistic goal setting

  • The ability to make collective decisions to reach the common goal

  • Increased trust and respect

  • Use of leadership positions and the flexibility needed to assume or relinquish leadership

  • How to increase performance by working as a cohesive and coordinated team

Leadership Training

Leading without Managing

"A person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal."

Equine Assisted Leadership Training will allow you to examine your personal leadership style as, if you are not true to your innate personality, you will never be an effective and natural leader.

  • ·      discover your natural leadership position and how you can lead in the most effective way

  • ·      focus on what you are doing in the moment with a clear intent

  • ·      learn how to lead in a confident manner with clear and decisive communication

  • ·      stay grounded in stressful situations and deal with conflict appropriately

  • ·      honest in your communication and open in discussing your emotions

"The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man”

Winston Churchill

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